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Company Profile

HOSPITALITY & SPA AGENCY was established in Bali as Indonesia Officially Manpower LICENCE NO : 974/2626/IZIN B/DISPMPT, the island has been named as the producer of the number one spa techniques therapists International. Predicate makes power-spa therapists from Bali is needed by foreign countries.

Seeing the opportunity, our idealism inspired to channel the therapist to get a more decent economic level by working on our trusty principals abroad.

On our experience quite a bit over the years as a labor supplier acknowledged by the government of Indonesia, and extensive networking with the principals of trust continues to grow and grow from one country to another, we have distributed thousands of workers in recent years. It will continue to grow, along with the satisfaction of the principal for the performance and quality of work that we distribute therapist.

Our mission that entailed, namely:

  • Educate therapists to be reliable and capable therapist internationally through our spa training institute
  • Channel and realize a better economic life for the Balinese therapists
  • Realizing the need for the international spa principal trained manpower in the field of Spa, Beauty, and Aesthetic industry, etc. with the appropriate fees to the ability to prime
  • Harmonious international relations between Indonesia as penyakur qualified professional workforce with foreign.

In operating our business we always communicate with Indonesian Government as HOSPITALITY & SPA AGENCY is a legally agency. We also very concern to the International word of labor industry is always striving toward more profit an economic base , which only leads to the reduction of cost . As costs are usually standardized, the only cost possible to brought to reduction will be of the employee/trainee’s cost. Reduction shall not mean reduction of quality. The labor the developing country such as Indonesian seems to be the answer, in particular the employee and trainee we supply to our principals. They are internationally qualified and certificated which is below the known internationally accepted standards.

We are very proud to become member of Indonesian Government Organizations below:

kemenakertrans bnp2tki bursakerjabali

Read this manual further and decide your decision. All other information is available and will be sent to you upon request. Do not hesitate to contact us and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed working in cooperation with us.